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Our knowledge keepers are currently in the process of creating courses. If you live abroad and are unable to attend our conferences, seminars, and community workshops. This is the alternative.

Spiritual Journey

This mini-course brings value to your personal and professional life. We have content on introductory courses absolutely free. We believe in bringing the basics and understanding of our practices for thousands of years.


All of courses are free, we are currently working on our new content to bring you more valuable online learning and education. Sign up now, we don't know how long our courses will be free of charge. 

Big News!

We will be opening a new location in the heart of Edmonton Alberta. This location will be a safe haven for women. See details here;

Safe Haven


If I take your courses, what will I learn?

Our courses will teach you how to think in a different mindset, at times us humans are conditioned to think in a negative way, bringing more and more thought of depression and anxiety. Our courses give you the tools to stay present, in the here and now and continue on your journey with focus and mindfulness"

I am not Indigneous, is this course for me?

These teachings were once shared among all nations of mother earth. Hundreds of thousands of years of assmiliation and wars thoughout the history of mankind has made us forget the connection we had with one another and nature. You can remember who you are, a child of mother earth, and a decendant of  our ancestors.