Our Offerings

We offer tailor-made sessions, programs, and services for all ages and audiences, from school presentations to keynotes and corporate trainings.


Breaking the Chains

Understanding our past, present, and futures through the lens of cultural knowledge.

This workshop focuses on traditional teachings, such as the medicine wheel, to integrate our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies learning to use ancestral wisdom to guide and define us, rather than our trauma, so we can move forward in a good way.

7 Natural Laws

As Anishnawbe people, we learned by observing the animals and the natural world around us.

This workshop focuses on the innate algorithm of life and nature, which we used to guide us and bring balance to ourselves, our families, and our communities. Learn to live in harmony with these lessons grounded in natural philosophy.


Tending the Fire

A men's program: to strengthen, support, and heal.

Carrying the Water

A women's program: to empower, support, and heal.

Language Learning

In-person or online language learning that brings the heart and stories of the language to life. Go beyond the vocabulary and learn Anishnawbemowin, a language of this land rich in meaning, teachings, cultural knowledge and perspective, and deep connection to the land itself.

Join us and build your own relationship to the land by practicing traditional skills and learning how to both live off the land and live in harmony and protection of our natural world.


Translation & Interpretation

Live in-person, online, or phone interpretation and written translation services in Anishnawbemowin/Ojibway, Oji-Cree, Cree, and Stoney.


Draw upon our decades of experience in holistic wellbeing, inclusion, and belonging for community or corporate consulting. We desire to support you in creating pathways and solutions for whatever goal or problem you're tackling.

Events & Appearances

Planning an event? We can provide a prayer or address, traditional songs and drumming, or an array of Indigenous artists, musicians, dancers, and caterers to bring your vision to life. If you would rather leave the planning to us, we would be delighted to arrange every last detail for an unforgettable experience.

Corporate & Personal Retreats

Whether you choose to incorporate us into your existing itinerary, or you would like us to coordinate your experience from start to finish, we can help you accomplish your corporate or personal retreat goals.


Helping a Helper's Journey 2023

From October 19-20, we gathered at the Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre in Edmonton from coast to coast for a time of learning, laughter, and healing.

We were honoured to host Metis and First Nations community leaders, residential and Indian day school survivors, non-profit leaders from Empowerment Squared and the Chinatown Transformation Collaborative, and 'helpers' from the helping, healthcare, and first response fields.

Our keynote speakers and breakout presenters included Daniel Sakchekapo (Breaking the Chains; 7 Natural Laws; Indigenous Ways of Communication), Lyndon Aginas (Historical Impacts; Traditional Medicines), Cara-Lee Rast (Holistic Sexuality), and Annie Brass (Humour as Medicine; Storytelling).

Our Indigenous Music & Comedy showcase featured the talents of Cuauhtemoc Silva, Zachary Willier, Vanessa Beaudry, and Thelma & Bea [Annie Brass, Angela Desjarlais, and Lakota Brass].

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